Former President Jacob Zuma, through his attorney Michael Hulley, is expected to challenge a decision by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to reinstate criminal charges against him.

Zuma’s legal representatives made the announcement on Saturday, following NPA head Shaun Abrahams’ announcement, that they were considering taking Abrahams’ decision to prosecute Zuma on review.

A brief statement put out by Zuma’s lawyers said:

“We are giving consideration to the one-page and somewhat terse response received from the National Director of Public Prosecutions wherein he has advised that the representations made on behalf of Mr. Jacob Zuma are unsuccessful.

The rationale for this decision is not clearly apparent from the communication‚ nor is the basis for the refusal. In the circumstances‚ the likely course of action would be to take the decision of the NDPP on review.”

The former president faces 16 charges of corruption, money laundering and racketeering in connection with the arms deal.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times is reporting that Zuma’s lawyers are expected to argue that there were no criminal intentions to commit a crime in the engagement between his former financial advisor Schabir Shaik and the French arms manufacturers business.

The former president is to argue that he was following an ANC policy to support  black business through BEE.

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