“We need to strengthen our gun laws and then begin to clean our streets. Those who don’t look after their licensed pistols will lose them; cops included, they will be given a whistle to work with.  Because one would lose his gun and not report it and then it is used in a crime,  and then you’d ask yourself where do these criminals get these guns from? Kids these days even carry guns at school. We need to act. ” Cele said.

The minister of Police in South Africa Mr.  Bheki Cele says guns need to be taken away from South African citizens.

  Cele said he is concerned about the increasing rate of crime and murders in South Africa.

This week alone, several videos have made rounds on social media, showing people using guns to commit crimes in the community.

For an example, a recent video shows the brutal killing of a taxi owner in a shop,  and another one shows a suspect who got involved in a shootout with CIT security guards getting shot and killed in broad daylight.


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