Due to the recent incident that happened in Pretoria CBD, Taxi drivers have gone on a violence protest on Wednesday morning, over the killing of a taxi driver yesterday.

It was earlier reported that deceased and other taxi drivers were trying to stop a drug peddler from selling drugs to a group of  Nyaope before he was shot by a drug dealer.

The incident sparked confrontation between taxi operators and foreign nationals operating various businesses in the vicinity of Blood Street Taxi Rank.

They blocked several roads, looted shop and burned down shops owned by drug dealers in Tswhwane CBD, stating that they don’t want to fight, all they want to do is burn down shops belonging to drug dealers.

Police came to the scene and tried pushing the taxi drivers back, they also fired rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas in other to scare the protests.

Vehicles were also targeted and destroyed, Firefighters came to the scene and  tried to put out fires in shops on Lilian Ngoyi street while police keep the taxi drivers at bay.

Police arrested looters who came to steal while some escaped with television sets in some of the shops.

The taxi drivers requested that if Minister Cele do not come and address the situation, they will continue their attack.

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