There is a party here, I would like to talk about it and its corruption.

I am not talking about the one in green, black and gold.

If corruption was an Olympic sport, they would always win gold.

So, my rebuttal sheet about them is empty.

Siyabazi bona nemali yabantu, ichappies nescathulo.

I would like to talk about the ones who come here dressed in overalls and gumboots, and the outfits of abo Mama bethu who clean houses for a living.

These are people who claim to care about the plight of the poor.

There could be nothing further from the truth.

Their only concern is how the fill their pockets till they bulge with the people’s money.

Their access to governments is an opportunity to see if tenders can be directed to their friends and family.

Did we really think the corruption would end with On-Point Engineering and Ratanang Trust?

In the same way Mr Jacob Zuma, ubaba ka Duduzane, used his son to amass wealth through corrupt means, uBhuti ka Floyd did the same for Floyd Shivambu and his party.

We simply cannot trust this party’s forensic investigative skills. It would be like trusting King Herod to guard a crèche.

Siyabonga, nizamile, but I think we will rely on the experts.

We have asked the Hawks to investigate the EFF, who we trust will conduct a forensic investigation over the EFF’s accounts.

We hope the Ethics Committtee will not drag its feet and investigate the matter of a conflict of interest regarding the R10 million Mr Shivambu is said to have received from his brother.

If the matter goes to Hearing, the committee must be open to the public.

And the committee must use all tools available to it including summoning witnesses and documents.We can’t have our people misled by wolves in dyed red wool proclaiming to care about them, they must be exposed for who they truly are, the Corrupt Eatists.

If the DA was in government, corruption like that of VBS and those implicated, if found guilty would be an immediate 15 years in jail.

We will fight corruption; create fair access to jobs; make our police service honest and professional; secure our borders; and speed up the delivery of basic services.

Sikhathele abantu abadla imali yabantu base South Africa.

Tronk toe!

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