Former Zimabwe president Robert Gabriel Mugabe has warned the African continent and it’s citizens to desist the temptation instigated by the Whites to sue for the prosecution of their former leaders after they have exited office.


According to the retired nonagenarian who will soon turn 94, reiterated  to Journalist that the high ranking African leaders like former  presidents were been undermined and maligned  with out honour and dignity after they have delivered years of painstaking leadership to the very people they laboured for.

For him former president Zuma should be celebrated and not disgraced to suit the canal cravings of the minority whites.

Mugabe noted that his time as president was eventful and productive as he would counter all attempt at the United Nations UN to suppress and undermine the legitimacy and legacies of courageous African leaders who were not willing to accept their nefarious conditions of leadership.

He further praised himself that he used his time to take the continent to an enviable pedestal.

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