While the DA welcomes Arthur Fraser’s removal as Director-General of the State Security Agency (SSA), we reiterate our disapproval of President Ramaphosa’s decision to appoint Fraser as the National Commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services. We cannot allow the ANC’s long-standing practice of reshuffling compromised individuals within government departments to continue. They must be fired, not rehired in different capacities.

In light of the very serious allegations levelled against Fraser over his co-ordination of a parallel intelligence network known as the Principal Agent Network (PAN), the lawfulness of Fraser’s removal and new appointment is deeply questionable. Such an appointment must at bare minimum be procedurally and substantially rational.

I have therefore written to President Cyril Ramaphosa, requesting the following information:

    • What process was followed in the appointment of Mr Fraser as National Commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services;
    • When the decision was made;
    • Whether Mr Fraser’s allegedly unlawful conduct, whilst at the SSA, was taken into account in the decision to appoint him as the National Commissioner of Correctional Services; and
    • On what grounds can it be said that Mr Fraser’s appointment serves the purpose of having him as National Commissioner in the sense that he has no known experience in this portfolio.

There is no “New Dawn” so long as individuals such as Arthur Fraser are recycled within various government departments, and not removed for good.

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