Following the incessant statements of hate speeches and threats messages emitting from Julius Malema, he has been awarded as the No 1 racist in south Africa today by a group calling itself “South Africa For All”.

Nothing much is known about group which suggest they are very new or just choose to open up now.

Malema who has made comments incriminating statements which includes, “We are not scared of war” , “We would kill the whites” and so on, as seen as a man who is capable of instigating civil war in the country.

Some people are of the view that he should be arrested and be made to sign undertaken to desist from his hate speeches.

“He has glaringly shown his hatred for the whites. which is not a good thing” and thus we are crowing him the most Racist person in South Africa. The group said on social media

Use the comment section to tell us if Malema’s statements can be classified as racism.

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