As a remedial effort to douse the tension of unprovoked farm murders, New South African Police Minister Bheki Cele says farm attacks in South Africa are getting out of hand and urgent and strategic security steps needs to be taken and implemented soon.

Speaking in Johannesburg on Tuesday night, Cele said more than 110 farm attacks have taken place in South Africa, this year alone.

” … and this will have a bad impact on the future of our country.”

‘Let’s stop sending our soldiers to Congo, We need the presence of trained soldiers and police officers around our farms, around the clock, to protect our farmers’ Cele enthused.

“It looks like we will need the help of the SANDF.  We need trained soldiers and police officers to fight this epidemic and overcome it.  It seems as if we no longer have to send our soldiers to Congo anymore, we need their presence heavily around our farms.”

Cele says he is aware of the farm attacks and he will do everything in his power to fight them.

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