During last weekend official trip to Botswana, President Ramaphosa was pictured coming down from a private jet belonging to controversial businessman Zunaid Moti.

Its is alleged that the Presidential jet was grounded following a maintenance order, thus resulting to the need for another one. Why is this really news? you may ask. If you mus recall Moti company is a mining real estate company and its owner and CEO Zunaid is no stranger to controversy.

Zunaid once said that the company have several jets which is rented out from time to time government officials. The question now is if South Africa is broke that it cant sell “Inwazi” which is the name of the presidential jet and buy something better. For security reasons the president shouldn’t be travelling on jets some of us does not know who owns it.

While a new jet may cost tax payers about R4B to acquire, sales of the old one could help reduce that cost, since it wont be the first time the plane is breaking down.

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