Breaking News:- ANC Councillors Reportedly Protecting Mayors Implicated In The #VBSHeist Saga

According to a report by the DA, the party said they have been pushing for motions that will remove these mayors, but the ANC councillors accross several municipalities are blocking the motions;

The DA is not surprised that ANC Councillors in various municipalities which deposited illegal funds within VBS Mutual Bank opted to protect the implicated Mayors and officials by blocking and voting against the DA motions calling , for their removal during various special council meetings.

These motions are in accordance with Section 58 of the Local Government, Municipal Structures Act No . 117 of 1998

All the DA motions which were tabled in the affected municipalities such as Makhado , Lepelle Nkumpi , Vhembe , Elias Motsoaledi and Fetatakgomo-Tubatse were either rejected, blocked or voted against by ANC Councillors to protect the implicated senior managers and Mayors who authorized the investments into the VBS bank.

According to Jacques Smalle, the DA’s Limpopo Premier Candidate, “this clearly proves that the failing ANC’s ‘new dawn’ under President Cyril Ramaphosa is just a dawn to protect the corrupt officials and politicians who continue to steal from people oppressed by poverty. VBS bank is on the verge of being liquidated and all indications show that the already financially stripped municipalities will lose their deposits and life will only become harder for the people living under these municipalities”.

“The failing ANC’s ‘new dawn’ and ‘thuma mina’ will remain slogans and words and won’t bring any change to the 1.9 million unemployed people seeking jobs in Limpopo”.

Despite the suspension of some municipal managers, chief financial officers and directors, the DA still believes that they will not be disciplined but be moved to other municipalities and departments to protect them.

The DA believes that removing these mayors who deposited money with VBS is the first real step in ensuring accountability and justice.

It is clear that Limpopo Premier, Stan Mathabatha is unable to take firm actions against his comrades and this is compromising himself and the office of the Premier.

We will continue to fight for the people of Limpopo against an ANC led government who are solely responsible for the collapse of VBS bank.

In 2019 , the Limpopo citizens will have a chance to emancipate themselves from the failing ANC’s corruption and vote in the DA which has a good record of clean governance and will bring change that builds One South Africa for All.

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