Things didn’t go the way of Malusi Gigaba while he was called in by parliament to answer questions about the Guptas and Eskom enquiry.

EFF MP Floyd Shivambu through lots of questions that could have made Gigaba made, but he played cool about them all; Read some of the questions and Answers below;

MP Shivambu: ‘Do you have a bank account in Dubai?’

Gigaba: ‘I do not have an account in Dubai.’

MP Shivambu:-‘When you’re asked questions, do not attempt to act cleverer,’ says MP Shivambu.

Gigaba:-‘Don’t you act cleverer and deny facts,’ says Min Gigaba

MP Shivambu:-‘Did you give your girlfriend R500 000 in cash that you had got from the Guptas?’ asks MP Shivambu.

Gigaba:-‘There are also allegations about you, Mr Sivambu!’ Min Gigaba replies. He denies they are true

MP Shivambu:-how many times he has been to the family home;

Gigaba:-‘2 or 3 times’, says Gigaba.

MP Shivambu:-‘How many times? Clarify?’ insists Shivambu.

Gigaba:-‘I don’t recall,’ says Gigaba. ‘It is not official, so it is not in my diary. I can’t recall.’

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