As some persons are rejoicing over the ruling yesterday over the old nations flag, others show that they do not see any reason for it.  AfriForum’s head of policy Ernst Roets has drawn widespread condemnation on social media after he posted the old South African flag just hours after the Equality Court ruled against its public display.

Roets’ post was accompanied by the caption: “Did I just commit hate speech?”

The tweet by AfriForum’s head of policy didn’t go down well with twitter users as they slammed him for the post and threatened him with legal action.

Reacting to the post by Roets, CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation Sello Hatang said he was disappointed. During an interview on radio, Hatang said “We shook hands after the judgment and I said I would write to them for a follow-up on what the judge said…but then not only did they poo-poo the judgment, but about an hour later the deputy CEO of AfriForum posted the apartheid flag on his Twitter page, and that is such an unfortunate thing to happen.”

While responding to his critics on twitter, Roets said his question accompanying the old flag was an academic one. His tweet reads: “The reaction to this tweet is as expected. The judgment said the flag may be used for academic purposes. I am a scholar of Constitutional Law, currently doing my doctorate. This is an academic question. It seems the NMF’s quest for apartheid-style censorship and banning continues.”

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