Afriforum Deputy CEO Ernst Roets  took to his Twitter Account to put the EFF on Display and the EFF deputy leader responded with a banger. Read below;

“The EFF leadership like to argue that they can’t be racist because you can only be racist if you think you are superior. Then Malema comes out with: “Everything the EFF says is a superior logic.” (6 April 2018) The question of whether blacks can be racist is settled then”. Twitted  Ernst Roets

Eff deputy Floyd Shivambu responded back with Roets was born and breast fed with Racism;

“The boy from Afriforum, who clearly was breastfed racism and has been preaching white supremacy since he was toddler is not only racist, he’s intellectually challenged. Where does proclamation of superior logic meet with his imagination that black people can be racist?” Floyd Responded

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