Allegations of racism and name-calling by teachers have surfaced at a Durban school.

Pupils have held a protest to highlight the issues.

It comes after it was claimed the students were demanding smoke breaks.

Both the school governing body and the pupils are denying this.

Various newspapers had reported pupils from Roseville school were demanding smoke breaks.

Instead, the pupils are claiming they’re being racially abused by teachers.

“What we were striking for is that teachers are swearing at us telling us that we are crazy, we should go apply at a special school. Others are calling us barbarians. These are all the HODs who are saying that. They say we are coming from shacks, our parents are fools. They say it shows that we are uncultured when we arrive at school. They call the principal a garden boy because they dislike him and because he is black,” said pupils from the school.

Teachers’ union, Sadtu, says it’s aware of the allegations.

Sadtu’s calling on the Education Department to probe the matter.

In the meantime, the situation at Roseville school remains volatile.

Watch below:- Credit ENCA

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