Child Abuse caught on Video – Phoenix.

Allegations of child abuse have reared its ugly head again after a four-year-old Phoenix girl was admitted to hospital with critical injuries that she sustained at the hands of her biological mother and her mums boyfriend. Both, the mum and the mothers boyfriend were arrested on Wednesday, 28 February. They are said to be out on bail, currently as per Phoenix Tabliod

PCCA is sharing the gruesome video to highlight CHILD ABUSE in our Immediate Community and would like PCCA members to get involved and report cases to SAPS and stand-up against this behaviour. PCCA has taken this matter up with one of National Groups and asking for help in getting a more serious stance on the matter.

Phoenix police spokesperson, Louise Naidoo says the child was kicked and punched apparently after the little girl stepped on her mother’s boyfriend’s toes. The little girl was beaten so badly she was left unconscious.

A part of the incident was filmed by the 20-year-old boyfriend.

“He turned around and started assaulting the child. Whilst he was assaulting the child, he threatened his girlfriend – the child’s mum to assault the child as well. Failing which, he threatened to kill her, So the mum assaulted the child. The child then fell to the ground and then just lay there,” Naidoo said.

Naidoo says the little girl’s is receiving the necessary care in hospital.

“Both were arrested – both appeared in court on the 1st March. They were remanded until theĀ 11th April. They were granted bail of R3000. According to social workers, the child is doing much better in hospital. Once she is released, she will be placed in social care,” she said.

Watch Video HERE


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