Its almost like every week now there’s a farm attack. Hannelie Jacobs , her 29 year old daughter and mother were attacked at the farm on their outside Brits. According to the report, they were able to fend of the attackers until help came.

“I was in the room with one of the children when the window behind me shattered. I told the child to run to his mother. There were three men, and the next moment, windows all around the house broke and large stones were being thrown at us,” explained Hannelie.

“The intruders forced the door and safety door with a pickaxe and came into the house. They threw the pickaxe at Suretha and my mother. My daughter said that I should lock the children in the bathroom. I grabbed the kids and ran. Suretha managed to grab the pickaxe and ran towards the intruders. They exited the house, but came back in. My mom then sprayed the intruders with pepper spray, and Suretha continued to threaten them with the pickaxe.”

“Help arrived within 5 minutes, but it felt like hours had passed.”The intruders upon hearing that help has arrived ran way.


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