*The pictures are of a graphic nature and is not for sensitive viewers.

A robbery suspect has been shot and killed following an attempted robbery on Tangerine Street in Trenance Park – Verulam a short while ago.

Reaction Unit South Africa received multiple calls from residents on Lacefern End reporting shots being fired. Several Reaction Officers were dispatched to the location and upon arrival found a man bleeding excessively from a large wound to his left thigh. Due to the extent of his injury the suspect bled to death at the scene.

It was the established that the deceased is a known criminal who is suspected of being responsible for several house break-ins and robberies that have occured in the area in recent weeks. Today he approached a home and as he was about to gain access to the property he was confronted by the homeowner.

The suspect drew a pistol and pointed it at the homeowner before fleeing. The victim grabbed his shot gun (picture 5) and pursued the suspect to Lacefern End. The suspect allegedly drew his firearm when the homeowner shot him. The firearm used by the suspect was confirmed to be a replica gas gun (picture 3).

Police are investigating further.

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