Everyone who’s ever been to an airport knows, parking your car there should be done for as short a period as possible.

Most opt for the drop-off and go zone to avoid steep costs.

But one guy at King Shaka International Airport in Durban, KZN, apparently didn’t mind. He has left his car parked at the airport for the past 2000 days.

His bill has reached an astonishing R150 000 – almost enough for another car!

According to airport management, the unknown businessman has left his Kia hatchback in the parking lot for six years.

Colin Naidoo, the communication and brand manager, said they’ve been trying to track down the owner without success.

He said the car can only be released to the owner and no one else.

“We’ve had instances in the past where cars were left here as result of a legal matter or in other scenarios the sheriff of the court ordered such.

“Another scenario had been that the owner of the vehicle had died while the car was still at the airport,” said Naidoo.

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