Since the (ANC) African National Congress came to power in 1994, whites have enjoyed little sympathy from those who feel they profited there is the feeling of vengeance, retribution about South Africa, as if whites must be made to pay and to suffer for the sins of the past. Today, there is not such a thing as “white privileged”.

And once a white South African arrives at a displacement camp it becomes a “catch 22” situation especially when there are children involved, almost impossible and difficult to leave.
Whites are seen as the enemy who according to some deserve to be punished is in itself persecution!

The South African Government implemented Black Economic Empowerment Laws (BEE) that have become increasingly stringent.
Whites constitute roughly 8 percent of the population; they are seen as being over-represented if a company employs more than 8 percent in its workforce, and penalties apply. 

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