Following the statement made by Julius Malema of the EFF earlier this month about Duduzane Zuma not been a proper South African, lots of people has been voicing the opinion about it

“They can’t speak any of the South African vernacular languages. Duduzane is not a proper South African,” Malema said on Thursday in his interview with the internet radio station.

“They [Duduzane and Duduzile] were born in Mozambique, stayed in Swaziland and then Zimbabwe. They came to reside here [in SA] with their father.

“For Duduzane to leave the country, it’s very easy because they don’t have a history of settling in one place … Their loyalty and patriotism is not with SA, that’s why that boy could do as he wished because it’s not his country of birth, they were not born here,” he added.

So Mr Julius Malema, my homeboy, says that our kids who were born during our exile years are not ‘real South Africans’. One of my sons was born in Lesotho when I was in exile. So…. Be careful homeboy of what you say. My son is as South African as all other kids. Be careful…..” Says Tito Mboweni

Since Julius doesn’t know (allegedly) his father, how do we know if he is indeed as South African? Where was Julius’s loyalty when he loot Limpopo govt? Where is Julius’s loyalty when his party accepts donation from Adriano Mazzotti, who is alleged to dodge tax & smuggle Cigarr“. Says Oupa

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