Annelie Van Zyl was alone in the family farm on the 29th of January when a male attacker, a former employee on their farm break into the house assaulted poor Annelie and started raping her at gun point.

 It was further revealed that the doctors results shows that she was raped and the deceased rapist DNA was all over her body and genitals but soon after the doctor finished examining her she was cuffed and sent to custody.
According to Annelie she realised the gun was fake and used the last of her strength to overpower the rapist and defeated him by bashing a pan on his head. The man fainted and that’s when she called the cops. Before the cops arrived the man gained conscious and started charging towards her. Fortunately she was armed and she opened fire killing him instantly.

This is the first case in South Africa where a rape victim was arrested for fighting back.

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