A large crowd  congregated at the Court entrance on Moss Street – Verulam this morning after a 43 year old man who had been arrested twice by Members Of Reaction Unit South Africa within a 24 hour period appeared for a formal bail application in the Verulam Magistrates Court.

The suspect was arrested after he raped his ten (10) year old stepdaughter for approx five years. The child was locked up in a room in Neptune Drive – Verulam after the man moved from Gauteng. She was not allowed to attend school & had limited contact with people. According to relatives the man kept his stepdaughter with him after his wife died several years ago & refused the family access.

Reaction Officers recovered sex toys, a phone & other evidence after being called out to the scene by concerned neighbors. The suspect was arrested & handed over to Police. He managed to escape from Osindisweni Hospital the same night when he was admitted for injuries sustained during his arrest. He was re-arrested by Reaction Officers in Phoenix – KZN after receiving information from the public.

The suspect informed the presiding Magistrate that he required medical attention after he was assaulted by Members of Reaction Unit South Africa. His lawyer further informed the Magistrate that his client preferred charges of Assault & Attempted Murder to be opened against RUSA Members who he could identify. The court remanded him in custody at Westville Prison where he would receive medical assistance before re-appearing on June 25th, 2018. Reaction Officers have denied assaulting the suspect.

The suspects phone that was recovered after his arrest showed videos of the 10 year old stepdaughter performing sexual acts dressed in lingerie. The video was sent to and another minor who during a chat with the suspect, informed him that her father had just had sexual intercourse with her.

Investigations are continuing.