Police in die Free State have dismissed social media reports doing the rounds about a farm attack in die Warden area in the Free State.

Police spokesperson, Mmako Mophiring, says no suspects were also arrested by police in Harrismith in connection with the “so called farm attack”.


He says there were no farm attack last week in the area and no arrests were made. There was however an incident in which a BMW car was driving on a farm road in the Roadside area.


The suspicious car was spotted by a farmer who approached the car that was driving on. The farmer then alerted police.


Mophiring says members of the  Harrismith Police Station later managed to pull the BMW off the road. To their surprise the occupants of the car, were taken to the police station for questioning. Social media reports stating the car was spotted at a restaurant in Harrismith after which the occupants were  arrested are wrong, adds Mophiring.


Once the occupants of the car were at the police station it came to light they were travelling to Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal, but instead ended up on a farm road after following their GPS Coordinates. The farmer, who alerted police at first, later also turned up at the police station. He was informed about the traveller’s situation and apologised for any inconvenience he caused.


The people in the car was released by police. Mophiring says  the swift response by the farmer, even though it was a false alarm, and police members shows that communities in rural areas in the Free State are alert and suspicious of activities taking place in their area.

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