According to a source, an operation was set up by members of a private security company, Metro Police and Amanzimtoti SAPS as their vehicle had been positively identified in a number of robberies in an around Durban.

When officers spotted the vehicle, a silver Chevrolet Aveo, in the area, officers gave chase.

Police made a major breakthrough in the fight against crime when they arrested five members of a business robbery syndicate in Amanzimtoti in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

George Snodey of the Amanzimtoti Community Crime Prevention Organisation said the car was spotted by law enforcement at Warner Beach at around 5am.

“After a chase and a shootout the car came to a grinding halt at Seadoone garage, with all five suspects being arrested,” Snodey said.

“The tools of there trade were all recovered as well as firearms that were thrown out during the chase.The registration plates had false plates attached over the other ones with double sided tape .These guys are wanted on dozens of cases all over Durban. We are sending a message to them that they best understand that if you come to Toti, you may get away with it a few times but we have a very big network of guys working together here, and they will eventually get caught, that’s a definite,” he said.

One of the gang members was wounded following a shoot out with police. He was taken to hospital under police guard. He is due to appear in court with his co-accused soon.

Police recovered a firearm and other implements believed to be used during robberies.

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