Mr Philemon Ngwena, one of the intended beneficiaries in the corrupt Vrede Dairy Farm Project, was found murdered on his farm on Friday morning. He was allegedly shot in the head.

The motive for the killing that took place on Thursday night is still unknown. Mr. Ngwena was outspoken about what happened in this dubious deal and in a news report in August this year he admitted that beneficiaries were “bitter” and that he “didn’t even get R2 from them”.

Recently there were recordings distributed of a person in Vrede calling for all the beneficiaries to be killed. The recording was forwarded to the police.

The DA is calling for the police to urgently investigate the real motive behind this killing. Should the motive be linked to the project it will not be the first time a person loses his life while trying to expose the rot in this project. Moses Tshake an Auditor in the Free State Department of Agriculture was kidnapped, tortured and killed after allegedly questioning payments linked to the controversial Vrede Dairy Farm Project in 2013.

I will be attending the review of the Public Protector’s report on the Vrede Dairy Farm Project that is set to take place on Tuesday 23 October 2018 at the North Gauteng High Court.

The DA sends its heartfelt condolences to Mr. Ngwena’s family and friends and wish them strength in this difficult time.

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