Public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane isn’t alone after all as she will receive prayer support during this time she is going through tribulation. The organiser of the prayer service, Pastor Jabu Mtsweni who is popular known as pastor JJ, said although the prayer service is meant to pray for smooth co-existence between the three arms of government which he said were fighting instead of serving the people, the focus would be on Mkhwebane. He also said He said that was because Mkhwebane was being unfairly blamed for the “discourse” and they want to offer prayer for her.

Responding to the question of why Mkhwebane’s face is used on the poster of the mass prayer if they are praying for the three arms of the state, Mtsweni said “It is Busisiwe Mkhwebane because a lot of (the) discourse, everybody is pointing to her office meaning that it is Busisiwe Mkhwebane that is said to be doing something wrong… We need God to protect that office and to keep it in order.”

The pastor added that “discourse” is happening while people on the ground are suffering and they want Mkhwebane to get spiritual strength as she executes her duties. “The purpose of the prayer is praying for the three arms of the state as there is discourse amongst the people who are supposed to lead the country… This chaos must come to an end,” Mtsweni claimed that they have invited Mkhwebane to attend and she accepted the invitation.

The public protector have been facing critical challenges in carrying out her duties effectively as she keeps losing all her court cases, accused of not carying out proper investigation as in the case of the CR17 reports and that of the estina diary farm; she was also asked to pay legal fees personally.

The prayer for her will be held on Friday in KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga; Mkhwebane hails from the Mpumalanga province town of Bethal, which is 180 kilometres from KwaMhlanga.

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