Mayor of Johannesburg survives another motion to unseat him

The mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba has once again gained victory over the vote of no confidence filed against him by the ANC.

The mayor who is a member of the opposition party Democratic Alliance survived a motion of no confidence put against him in 2017 by the ANC  in which they claimed he had failed to adequately provide services to the city’s residents.

The ANC today again withdraws their motion against the mayor after much drama at the council sitting but promises to table the motion again by September. The party claims the city is in a poor financial state and have more than 140 councillors in support of their motion against that mayor.

This is the third time Mashaba has survived the move to unseat him from office.

Reacting to the withdrawal of the motion of no confidence against him, Mashaba says he’s angry the ANC withdrew the motion at the last minute.

Also reacting to the withdrawn motion, ANC Joburg Councillor and spokesperson, Jolidee Matongo, is adament that the motion has not been cancelled but withdrawn, and the the ANC is “tightening up screws” until the next vote in September.

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