A lady took to Twitter to share her scary experience at the hands of a sexual predator.


According to @Leslyjenniferr, the sexual predator approached her for her phone number and when she refused, he kidnapped her and tried to rape her. Thankfully, she was able to fight him off.


See her posts and more photos below.


“I was doubting whether to upload these pictures or not, but then I start to think if what happened to me could help prevent it happening to someone else, then I was gonna share it. This Friday afternoon, I was walking to church from my bus stop when suddenly a guy passing by in his truck asked me for my number, after many times of me rejecting him and kept walking away, he got down and basically kidnaped me”.


“He took me not too far. Under a small bridge. It quickly escalated from trying to get my number to trying to rape me, after many tries to take off, my clothes and failing thanks to some “anti-rape leggings” I always wear, he got desperate and began to beat and kick me. I never in a million years ever thought I would have gone through what I did and am greatful that I was able to get away.

“But I think of so many girls thatweren’t as lucky to get away or even make it out alive. God is so good, and I will never get tired of saying so, I’m so greatful to have been found and for all of my friends and family that went to the hospital to make sure I was okay. Girls, please be careful, use what happened to me as an example to always carry some type of protection, from pepper spray to a taser. Never walk alone even if there’s daylight.

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