It is reported  that the victim, Bethuel Mzimba,  was trying to light up a petrol  bomb when he accidentally  burned himself to death.

Police and residents engaged in running battles as the community attempted to keep the N2 north and R102 roads closed.

Residents were protesting due to power outages in the area.

Unfortunately, one of the protestors accidentally set himself on fire in front of hundreds of his fellow comrades.

“With one hand he was trying to light up the bomb which was squeezed between his thighs, while he tried to answer his phone with his other hand.  The bomb exploded between his thighs and his clothes caught  fire in a matter of seconds. The flame was too big for us to reach him and help him out.” said one of the protestors.

In a matter of minutes, Mzimba was burned to ashes and when paramedics arrived, a pair of his mining boots was the only thing that was left of him.

There were also reports that a foreign shopkeeper’s home had been burnt. Journalists visited the home and confirmed this. However, homeowners were nowhere to be found. Instead, people were looting the home and stealing parts from burnt cars.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said police could not immediately confirm details surrounding the matter.

“We are investigating the reports now.”

Police also reported that at least two people had been shot on Monday night when the protest began.

“A suspect travelling in a VW Golf 7 opened fire at people who were at the market. They sustained injuries and were taken to a hospital for medical attention,” Mbhele said.

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