Today, the DA has filed a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) against the Department of Education in Limpopo Province after we discovered that learners at Makangwane Secondary School in Nonpapella village, Senwabarwana are taught under trees.

The school was built with mud in 1989 by members of the community and currently has 105 learners and five teachers, but is plagued by challenges ranging from poor infrastructure and a severe shortage of adequate resources such as classrooms, desks and chairs, which pupils either share or alternatively sit on the ground.

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The existing school infrastructure is dilapidated and can collapse at any moment. This poses a serious risk to both teachers and learners.

The school management has demanded that a new school be built since 1989 but their plea has fallen on the deaf ears. The DA has seen all their correspondence to the department dating from 25 May 1989 to 15 February 2016.

According to the Basic Education’s Minimum Norms and Standards for Public School Infrastructure approved by Minister Angie Motshekga in 2013 , it indicates that all schools built entirely from mud should have been eradicated by 2016. The continued existence of such schools, shows that the department has violated and shown a complete disregard for these regulations.

It is clear that the department has failed these learners and educators and to fulfil its own mandate, which is to provide a conducive environment for learning and teaching at this school.

The DA believes that no child should have to learn under a tree or sit on the floor.

The DA urges MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe to provide desks, chairs and temporary mobile classrooms to this school as a matter of urgency.

All learners deserve a dignified learning environment. The continuous failure of the ANC led government proves that Limpopo Province needs a Total Change that only the DA will be able to provide in 2019.

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