A Florida woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her mother and ripping out her eyes in a drug-fueled attack.

Camille Balla, 32, was arrested on Friday on a first-degree murder charged in the death of her mother, Francisca Monterio-Balla, NBC Miami reports.

When officials arrived at the Royal Palm Beach home both women shared, they found the young Balla sitting on the sidewalk, covered in blood and she told them: “I killed my mother and I need help.”

She reportedly ran around in panic screaming: “I’m a murderer!”

When they got into the house, they found blood all over the walls and all throughout the house that led to the body of Monterio-Balla in the garage. Her body had multiple lacerations, and her eyes had been “removed from her head and placed on a nearby cardboard box.”

They also found a series of notes with “religious-themed written messages related to clearing of the soul,” the police report said. Balla was immediately arrested and she told officials that she smoked some weed before the attack, but she believed it to have been laced with Flakka or PCP.

Balla stood before a judge on Monday but was denied bond in the wake of the incident.

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