The photos of a dog with both of his ears cut off have gone viral on social media. Reporter said he set up this petition because he want to bring justice to this defenseless animal and  demand that the monsters responsible for this are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

According to the information published on social media (and confirmed by a local newspaper) the thugs responsible for this monstrosity are Hasan Kuzu (the one of the left) and Neset Yaman (on the right). The two are, most likely, involved in dog fights and decided to punish one of their dogs for losing a battle in the most inhumane way possible.

The two proceeded to cut the dog’s ears off with a sharp knife, with no anaesthetic whatsoever. They had a friend record the scene – during the video, which was uploaded online but has since been deleted, the dog howls in despair, begging for mercy, but the cruel attackers just keep on going. At the end, they pose for photos, each with a piece of the dog’s ear in their hands, seemingly proud of their achievement. A picture of the dog all covered in blood has also been posted online.

There are no updates on the dog’s condition as of yet, but it is hard to imagine he was taken to a hospital, where the two would have to give explanations for the canine’s condition.

The two lawless individuals live in the municipality of Isparta, Turkey.

Please show your support to ensure these monsters are brought to justice as soon as possible. Their actions are barbaric and unacceptable and justice must be accomplished, in accordance with Turkish laws (specifically Article 8 of the Law of Protection of Animals no. 5199, which prohibits the removal of a dog’s ears, tails, nails, teeth and vocal cords under any circumstances)

Demand justice for this badly abused dog by signing and sharing this petition now. Thank you!

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