Grandmother Rookaya Desai Dhooma was shot dead and her son-in-law, Imraan Randeree shot three times after a gang entered their home on Duncan Road just after 9pm.

Randeree is the Managing Director of Randeree’s Jewellers.

Westville residents are on high alert after a robbery left one dead and another seriously injured on Thursday night.

It is alleged that the gang broke the family’s front gate and entered the home. When the homeowner tried to stop them, the men fired shots. Randeree was shot in the cheek and shoulder while Dhooma sustained a fatal gunshot wound.

Asad Patel, chairperson of the Westville Community Policing Forum said there were seven people in the house at the time. It is believed they are due to undergo trauma counselling.

Patel said details were still sketchy but police were investigating further.

“The gang made off with cell phones,” he said.

Last year, the Durban suburb was plagued with a string of house robberies. It was reported about several incidents where residents were assaulted while heavily armed men stormed through their homes looking for valuables.

Gary Mackay was killed while trying to protect his family during a robbery in September. In November, 46-year-old Paresh Bodalia was killed in front of his children during an attempted hijacking at his home. A few days later, a resident was held hostage while men pretending to be workers, took items from his home. Themba Mqikwa, a security guard was also shot dead while attending to a panic alert at a home in Matapan Drive.

While these incidents are still fresh in the minds of Westville residents, Patel said that had been a 50 – 60 percent drop in crime in Westville for the 2017 – 2018 period.

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