As heavy rains cause havoc on Gauteng roads officials have warned motorists to avoid driving through flooded areas.

They’ve also promised that electricity will be restored, following power outages.

City of Tshwane spokesperson Selby Bokaba says twenty roads across the city have been closed

“In some areas trees have been uprooted as a result of the flooding and those trees are affecting our overhead conductors, thus leading to the power outages. In some areas you find that some cables are leaking, that also leads to power failure. In some areas it’s trees that have fallen on the cables and that has affected our power supply.”

“It’s difficult to estimate the time of restoration of power because of the weather conditions.”

Meanwhile there’s heavy traffic on roads in Johannesburg due to a number of accidents.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson Edna Moyane says they’ve mostly been caused by negligence and bad driving.

“There are pools and pools of water on the roads and people are just overtaking at high speed and changing lanes in front of other people.”

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