Mr Paul Makhado(53), a farm worker, pleaded guilty on two counts of assault, and his co-accused, Mr Trevor Friedman (45), a farmer, pleaded not guilty.

They appeared in the Bethal Magistrate’s Court on assault charges for allegedly allowing a vicious dog to attack two people in two separate incidents in January.

In the first incident, Ms Maria Vilakazi and a friend were harvesting green leaves on the farm when the farmer and his assistant drove past with the dog on the back of the bakkie.

The dog apparently jumped off the bakkie and attacked the two women.

The farmer and his worker took the dog and apparently left Ms Vilakazi on the scene.

Her friend took her home and summoned an ambulance.

Ms Vilakazi was admitted to Bethal Hospital on 10 January.

In another incident, a boy was locking cattle in the kraal when the same dog attacked him on the same farm on Sunday, 14 January.

He suffered serious injuries to the arm, legs and buttocks and was taken to Bethal Hospital. He was released on the same day.

Members from the Economic Freedom Fighters and African National Congress supported the victims at the court.

The EFF said it will wait for justice to take its course.

“Though history has thought us that the Bethal Magistrate’s Court is biased.

“This court is known for always taking the side of white people who strip the dignity of our people.

“Thus far the decisions of this court has been questionable, however we will allow the magistrate do his work,” the EFF said in a press statement.

Source:- Ridgetime

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