The attackers met their waterloo, after the pitpull devoured one of them.

According to report, when two farm attacker broke into a farm-house on Friday night  they did not put the dog into consideration. As soon as they were inside, the pit bull was on top of one of the armed attackers the other one had to pull his buddy from the deadly jaws of the pit bull.

After minutes of wrestling with the dog they manage to escape before the owner woke up, a cctv footage shows the injured attacker being carried by his buddy across the road. No items were stolen and the unlucky attacker left their pistols behind.

Police believe the attacker is probably dead from blood loss if he did not check in to a hospital. “There’s too much blood left behind for a person to survive without getting more blood”

Mr Smit said he is not surprised and say let them try again. “Next time it might not be the dog only”

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