A Eastern Cape woman who fell victim to a truly brutal farm attack, has taken to Australian radio to ask for help. The woman was shot, tied up and raped on her farm while her husband was away.

The woman, Nicky, whose last name was left black for her safety, believes that the attack was not random and that the attacker appeared to have reversed.

Nicky was shot and left to watch as her children narrowly escape the worst part of the ordeal.

“As a mother you just want your kids to live. You don’t care about yourself. You just don’t want your kids to die.”

While Nicky was repeatedly raped, she tells radio host Steve Price that her children were tied up with wire. The attacker told the family that they would all die. She believes that the only reason they survived is because they did not fight the attacker. He was handed bank cards and pin numbers.

Nicky even explains that she drove the attacker to the bank in her car. By the time they arrived, she was bleeding too profusely and convinced him to let the family go.

Perhaps the scariest part of Nicky’s story? She says the family knew the attacker.

“I feel in my gut that this was not just a robbery… our attacker was never ever fired by us, just a casual seasonal worker, last time he worked for us was two years ago… in my heart I know there’s more to this because we’re not those people… my husband treats his staff so well; we pay our staff before we pay ourselves, because they’ve also got a hard life, we all work hard, and I think as white South Africans we’re trying in a way to compensate; we’re told we’ve done wrong, and we’re told we shouldn’t be on our farms… that’s why it’s so hard to understand why this happened to us.”

According to Nicky, Australia is their “only hope”. Listen to her full story and interview below.

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