Jet-setting across South Africa comes with the territory of being a high-ranking politician. However, when you’re the leader of hard-left socialist movement, enjoying the finer things in life while fighting for equality can sometimes be frowned upon. That’s the lesson Julius Malema has learned this week.

The EFF leader, who flew into Cape Town ahead of Thursday’s session of Parliament, was pictured sat in the luxury of business class during a domestic flight. He was also accused of taking in a few sips of Moet, an opulent brand of champagne, after he was snapped by another first-class passenger:

The term “champagne socialist” is used to refer to someone who preaches ideas such as marxism, communism – and yes, socialism – while treating themselves to flashy, expensive goods. The derogratry label has been thrown at Malema before, with him and fellow EFF members previously being accused of wearing “Gucci overalls”.

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