DEFAMATION CLAIM: Zuma buckles up against Hanekom

The court hearing that is supposed to come up between former cabinet minister and ANC member Derek Hanekom and former president Jacob Zuma has been moved to Friday because Zuma is expected to file his opposing affidavit to the defamation claim lunched against him in the Durban high court by the then minister. This is in agreement between the two parties

Hanekom claims that a tweet about him posted on Zuma’s official Twitter account had caused “immense harm and damage” to his reputation and this harm would continue as long as the statement remained published without censure.

The former cabinet minister is also seeking an order that Zuma must delete the tweet and admit the assertions are false; He is also asking for an interdict stopping Zuma from making any such claims in the future. Among all his demands is 500,000 rands in damages which will have to be proved at a further court hearing, where oral evidence will have to be led.

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