The ANC confirmed on Tuesday evening that one of its provincial executive committee members, and a former City of Cape Town councillor, Elese Depouche died after he was shot at his home in Crossroads.

Reports have it that

Depouche was axed as a councillor in 2015 after he was found guilty for a January 2013 incident in which he pointed a firearm at an elderly resident of Nyanga.

Although the circumstances around his death are unknown, ANC deputy provincial secretary Thandi Manikivana confirmed that Depouche had been shot dead while entering the garage of his house.

He has been accused of irregularities in the area.

It was further revealed that

The former Councillor had been a controversial figure in Crossroads where many residents blamed him for intimidating opponents at a stalled housing development – Boys Town – which has been the subject of protests over the allocation of houses.

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