The recent arrest of Patrick Mndingi, Mayor of the Ingquza Hill Local Municipality, for failing to find homes for the people his municipality evicted when it demolished 35 homes in New Rest, Lusikisiki, is yet another indication of how uncaring the ANC government is.

Soon after the evictions, in 2016, Mdingi and the municipality were ordered by the court to build temporary structures for the families, but this never transpired and led to the mayor’s arrest on Friday for contempt of court.

At the time of his arrest only 16 zinc shelters were built, and importantly, not in the area where the court had ordered – which was the original site of New Rest.

The mayor was released yesterday and given till the 25th of April 2018 to comply with the court order. The DA will closely monitor the situation to ensure that the mayor complies with the order.

The ANC government is not worried about protecting the basic human rights of the effected families and they now have to live in shacks or with family members. When their homes were demolished they weren’t even given an opportunity to remove their furniture.

The residents of Ingquza Hill have suffered long enough under this ANC government. In 2016, this disregard for the rights of residents led to Good Governance Africa (GGA) announcing that Ingquza Hill is the second worst municipality in South Africa.

Issues around bad service delivery, pothole riddled roads, a lack of sanitation, non-payment of municipal workers and the unlawful demolishing of structures have consistently ignored in this municipality.

The DA believes in the protection of the rights of vulnerable people and their right to have access to housing.

The people of Ingquza Hill will have an opportunity to reject this inefficient ANC government when the municipality holds its Ward 9 by-election on 6 June.

Voters in rural Ward 9 can use this opportunity to vote for the DA and send a strong message that they are fed-up with the ANC in the Ingquza Hill Municipality and its record of poor service delivery and bad governance.

The residents of Ingquza Hill are ready for the Total Change that only a DA government can bring.

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