More white farmers are becoming alert and security conscious of their environment. With thwe help of Mr Kobus dogs the criminals were cut short and another attack averted.

When a group of four men went to Mr.  Kobus van Heerden’s farm in Kiepersol-Hazyview on Sunday night, they did not know their lives was coming to an abrupt end .

The four heavily armed men who invaded  a farm owned by a 69 year old man and his wife in Hazyview,  tried to break into their house.

Fortunately, Mr.  Van Heerden had his gun ready ,  so bullets began flying in every direction.

The old farmer managed to first take down three suspects before taking down the last one which was trying to escape the stray bullet in the face of confusion.

With the help of his dog, Mr.  Van Heerden chased him down and finally got a clear shot and took him down.

The  farmer then called the police who have now taken up investigating of the incident

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