The Democratic Alliance (DA) notes with regret that the African National Congress (ANC) has chosen to table yet another motion of no confidence in a DA Mayor.

A motion of no confidence against the DA-led City of Tshwane Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa is currently being debated in Council.

We understand that the ANC is now in the role of opposition, however it is important to note the disruptive nature of such motions.

This is the fourth motion, of no substance, that the ANC has tabled in the city since 2016.

In Tshwane, previous reasons given for these motions have been addressed as is the case with the reasons offered by the ANC in this instance.

The DA understands better than anyone the challenges that go along with being in opposition but there is a responsibility that goes hand in hand with that.

The stream of baseless motions only disrupts the business of delivering services to the people.

We want to fix issues.

When the DA took over the administration of the City of Tshwane from the ANC, it was in a mess due to ANC incompetence.

Since 2016, the City has reduced unauthorised expenditure by over a billion rand, taken tenders worth billions on review such as the PEU Smart Meter contract valued in excess of R2 billion, the West Capital Project, the Moipone Fleet Contract, the City Hall scandal, and the Broadband contract, slashed 900 plus ANC political appointees in the mayor’s office, allocated more than R137.2 million towards EPWP initiatives, extended clinic hours at 24 facilities and launched a Hopeline so that those affected by drugs can get help.

Mechanisms of holding government to account are available in Council, these include written questions that must be answered by the executive.

We invite our colleagues to engage with us in dialogue and to use the proper channels of the Council to raise concerns and hold the DA-led multiparty government to account.

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