The campaign for the protection of white farmers in South Africa has assumed another dimension.

American farmers have written a letter to their president, Donald Trump, asking him to intervene and help South African farmers.

The letter which was submitted to Trump on Wednesday states how farmers in South Africa are murdered daily and how the government is planning to take land from them and give it to blacks.

The aim of the letter, according to James Winston, a 66-year-old farmer from Texas, is to raise an awareness of what is going on in South Africa.

“Just like in Zimbabwe, farmers are slaughtered daily like sheep in South Africa, and when they cry,  their words fall on deaf ears. The US,  as the most powerful nation on earth should intervene.” he said

Farmers for Free Trade (FFT) which claims to be supported by thousands of farmers and agricultural businesses and leading representative groups like the American Farm Bureau says more than 115 have been attacked, this year alone.

FFT also launched a new campaign with targeted television advertising last week urging President Trump to protect farmers in countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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