A 14-year-old girl was attacked as she made her way to school on Wednesday, and then dragged into nearby bushes and left for dead – less than a kilometre away from the school.

She was running late as she made her way, when the attacker apparently pulled a plastic bag over her head and dragging her, causing her to lose consciousness.

It is believed that the pupil had also been raped.

Police spokesperson Captain Johan Rheeder said the attack happened just after 08:00, in Carnoustie Crescent, Linkside in Port Elizabeth.

“It appears the girl was walking on the road, when she was attacked from behind and pulled into the bushes near a gravel road less than a kilometre away from the school,” he said.

Rheeder said another pupil at the school, who was also running late, saw the girl lying half-conscious on the gravel road, and ran to find help.

The pupil called a teacher, who rushed to her aid, loading her into a car and taking her to a nearby hospital.

“During the incident, she briefly lost consciousness and cannot really recall what happened.”

“At this stage, we cannot confirm whether she was raped as we are awaiting the rape test kit,” he said.

The girl has subsequently been released from hospital and is recovering at home.

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