An 11-year-old girl has given birth via caesarean section after she was allegedly raped by six men who offered her work. It was revealed last week that the girl was over eight months pregnant after the repeated attack in Rajkot, western India.


She gave birth to a baby girl in hospital after the shocking case emerged. Indian police now say that she was raped by the group of men who lured her by offering her work cleaning their homes. Reports from NDTV say that the baby is in a specialist unit after suffering from health problems.


Police are questioning five men and a teenager over the rapes following complaints from her mother. They are Nanji Javiya, 67, and Arvind Kubawat, 52, Vijanand Maiyad, 47, Vipul Chavda, 40, and Govind Sakariya, 60, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named.


A police official said: ‘The victim’s condition is stable. The newborn baby had some health problems and has been admitted to a government-run children’s hospital.


Her mother, who comes from a poor family, filed a complaint after it became clear that her daughter was pregnant. An official said last week: “The girl’s father is unemployed due to ill health and her mother works as a maid.  “She was lured by them with the offer of money. The matter came to light after she was found to be eight months pregnant. Initially, the girl concealed the incident from her family members, but eventually told her mother.”

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