A leading sex expert claims women should be having at least three orgasms a week, but says many women are too stressed out to climax.

Dr Andrea Pennington believes women should make climaxing a priority because it helps their ‘personal empowerment, self acceptance and self love.’

She told Late Nights host Sara-Jayne King, that often women are too distracted by the stresses of daily life to be able to focus on personal pleasure.

“The orgasm happens in the brain, and a women has got to surrender to that orgasmic flow in order to achieve ecstasy.”

Her book, The Orgasm Prescription For Women, contains a 21 day ‘prescription’ for women to reconnect with themselves and achieve climax.

“It’s about getting in touch with their bodies again.”

“After 21 days of doing these exercises and rituals, many women find,not only is it easier to achieve orgasm, but they feel a deeper intimacy and connection to their partner.”


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