A viral photo of an 11 year old pregnant girl is buzzing on social media.

Some persons are still in shock as to who is responsible for the pregnancy.

Some who showed special concern has asked can she really undergo labour pains and as well the delivery process?.

The one question people asked , was she raped?.

This was same to a 9 year old girl who was pregnant but was happy and proud and was showing her case on social media.

In another news,

It took a rapid rescue exercise to save the baby that was dumped at a junction to die.

Eyewitness account has it that the baby was found abandoned inside a black refuse bag in the veld on the corner of Nuweveld and Tafelberg avenues in Carters Glen during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Neighbours said they were more than happy to adopt and assist the “miracle” baby.

“We do not know of anyone who was expecting a baby who is living in the same area.”

A gardener who is employed at one of the houses, Reuben Ndlovu, discovered the baby after he heard faint cries coming from the garden rubble.

“I saw a black refuse bag and at first I thought it could be a puppy. I opened the bag and, to my surprise, it was a baby wrapped in a blanket. The black bag was not knotted closed so that the baby could still breathe. I don’t know how long the baby was left there. I have five children and six grandchildren. It makes me wonder why the baby was just left there.”

A neighbour, Mornay Bindeman, cleaned the baby and kept him warm until paramedics and emergency services arrived.