Its been barely four days since Rick Ross was discharged from the hospital, and the rapper’s babymamas, Lastonia Leviston and Tia Kemp are already planning to go at each other.

Lastonia, who has a 16-year-old daughter with the rapper is said to have threatened Tia, who she has a long history of beef with, with a gun.

Tia who has a son with the MMG boss responded back to Lastonia by giving her 30 days to train so they can settle their beef in the ring at King of Diamonds.

Speaking in the video, Tia said: “What’s up? I’m only going live for one reason right now. One reason. And that’s because I was advised that Ms. Lastonia posted a gun on her Instagram…. Insta-story. In reference to me and my son going to the hospital to visit his dad the other day.”

“So… I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I don’t play with guns. And, I don’t play with threats! But, we can do is… and Vanessa from V74 Boutique I just want to know ya’ll still doing this Fight Night on Monday night at KOD. I need ya’ll to orchestrate a match with me and her.”

“Just to get this shit over with. It’s been going on got too long so… Let’s do this thing publically. Ain’t no beef. Ain’t no pressure. I’m going to give you 30 days to train. I think that’s more than enough time…”

Watch the video below.

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