Fans are saying Kylie Jenner’s baby was fathered by her ex Tyga, not by Travis Scott.

These comments came after the new mother shared a video of baby Stormi. A lot of people say Stormi and Tyga share the same features and there’s no single resemblance to Travis Scott whose name is listed on the birth certificate as the biological father.

“Tyga is her daddy! look at his new video ‘U Cry’… Stormi has his exact face, jaws… it will be revealed later.. #waitforit,” One IG user wrote.

Even Tyga believes he’s the child’s baby. Days after Kylie announced the birth of her child, Tyga was reported as saying he wants a NA because he believes the child is his . Also, in September last year, Voguereported that Tyga was shopping in Los Angeles and was heard telling fans, “Hell nah that’s my kid” when asked about his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy rumors. Tyga also reportedly posted and then deleted a Snapchat post where he claimed Ky’s baby is “my kid.”

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